Belgian Laekenois Puppies

Belgian Laekenois puppies are adorable. Are you thinking about adding a Belgian Laekenois puppy to your family? It’s a great idea, but not something you should take lightly. Before purchasing one of these strong, agile dogs, it’s important to understand the breed’s characteristics, how to choose the right puppy, and the best practices for feeding, grooming, training, and caring for your new furry friend. 

Are Belgian Laekenois Puppies Right for You? 

The Belgian Laekenois is a rare breed that grows to be about 55 to 65 pounds in adulthood. This breed is naturally inclined to herd and protect and will keep a keen eye on both their human families and their property. They tend to be standoffish around strangers but are very friendly and affectionate with people they know well.

Belgian Laekenois Puppies
Belgian Laekenois Puppies sitting together

These dogs are incredibly loyal and intelligent. They also require a good deal of daily exercise and a significant amount of training. Otherwise, they may try to become the leader of the family. They’re generally not suitable for families with young children or other pets and must be constantly supervised around both. Since they don’t take well to strangers, they’re also not a good choice for owners who enjoy doing a lot of entertaining. 

If you believe this bold and courageous dog is right for your family, you’ll love having one in your home. With proper socialization and plenty of positive reinforcement, he will become a trusted companion and beloved family member. 

How Much Do Belgian Laekenois Puppies Cost? 

Since this is a rare breed, puppies are sometimes difficult to locate. Owners often have to travel long distances to find a reputable breeder. You can generally expect to pay $1,500 to $4,500 for a well-bred puppy. Your puppy should come with a health guarantee. This will give you peace of mind in knowing that it’s not likely to develop major health problems. 

Tips for Choosing Your Puppy

Above all, it’s critical that you find a knowledgeable breeder you can trust. Purchasing a Belgian Laekenois puppy from a pet store or backyard breeder significantly increases the chances that he will grow up to have physical or temperament issues that will plague both the dog and your family throughout his lifetime. 

Spend some time researching the breeder and, whenever possible, pay a visit to their home or the kennel where the puppies are raised. Ask to see both of the parents and take the time to review their health screenings. 

Preparing to Bring Your Belgian Laekenois Puppy Home

Belgian Laekenois puppies are inquisitive and will often chew on things they shouldn’t both while they’re teething and out of boredom. Before you bring your puppy home, make sure you’ve fully puppy-proofed both your home and the back yard. Also, ensure that you have plenty of hard chew toys. This will help you quickly provide an appropriate alternative when he begins to chew on furniture, shoes, or other items.

Other items you’ll want to have on hand before the big day include:

  • Food and water bowls
  • A collar and leash
  • Food and treats
  • A dog bed
  • A crate or containment system
  • Grooming supplies
  • Food and treats
  • An ID tag with your phone number and address

If possible, plan to take at least a few days off from work so you can be available to help your puppy get acclimated to his new home. This will help ensure he’s comfortable in his new environment and will allow you to form a strong bond that will last a lifetime. 


When you first bring your puppy home, start off by feeding him the same food he’s been getting from the breeder. If you decide to change the brand, slowly mix the new food in with the old food, increasing the amount over the course of a week or so. This will help prevent gastrointestinal upset. 

These dogs will generally do well with any type of high-quality food as long as it’s appropriate for the life stage (puppy, adult, or senior). If you’re not sure what to feed, ask your vet for a recommendation. 


You’ll need to brush your dog at least once a week and give him an occasional bath. This breed has strong nails that must be regularly trimmed with nail clippers or a grinder. Otherwise, they may crack or split. You’ll also want to clean his ears and brush his teeth regularly. 

Socializing, Training, and Exercise

It’s critical to socialize Belgian Laekenois puppies right away so they develop proper social skills. Fail to do this, and there’s a good chance your dog will become aggressive with strangers. They require consistent, assertive training and do best with positive reinforcement. They’re eager to please, which makes training fairly easy. Do not manhandle these dogs or use other forceful training methods as this will only increase aggression.

A Belgian Laekenois will not happy sitting around the house and will not do well out in the yard alone. They want to be near their humans and will only be happy and well-adjusted if they get plenty of daily exercise.

Potential Health Concerns 

In general, the Belgian Laekenois is a healthy and robust dog breed. However, they may be predisposed to certain conditions including hip dysplasia, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, cataracts, pannus, progressive renal apathy, stomach cancer, and skin allergies. Only using reputable breeders is one of the best ways to avoid getting a puppy that will develop these types of health issues.